Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Some fun.

Also since I came back I've been having other fun, of a more sustainable nature:

  • Poptimism!
  • jinxremoving being down in London!
  • Our housewarming!
  • Medea in the Scoop!
  • brain_opera's birthday!
  • Mutton!
  • Seeing Walking in my Mind at the Hayward!
  • Seeing catbo in Don Giovanni. With the entire orchestra replaced by a dude on a piano playing "In The Garden of Eden"
  • Helping miss_newham move house (name now more inaccurate than ever)!
  • Dancing all the water out of my body at Don't Stop Moving!
  • Went to see Andrew W.K., in an absolutely amazing gig which I might write about separately.
  • Bringing my guest (inuitmonster) to see Bright Club, wherein we learned about bedbugs and sewers and Bloomsbury and other things about London, and then we all engaged in a hate crime by hearing a man read from a novel. And then there was some kind of pearly Nuremberg rally, it all becomes a little unclear. But the first half was worth it, and the excellent compering by that Robin Ince again.
  • Going to see Stranger Than Paradise at the NFT. I'd never seen it before, and I was a little nervous in the first half, because I thought something might happen. But of course it's a Jim Jarmusch film, nothing happens and it is GREAT.

And next week there will be more fun. The weekend, however, the fun will be a little muted. A friend of mine's mother passed away, after his father died a few years ago, so I'll be back home for that - my apologies to those I'd hoped to see at Black Plastic. He did also become a father on Tuesday, so quite a week.
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