Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

New York/Philadelphia

Annnddd.. go! Here's the much delayed list of what I saw in New York/Philadelphia, back in JULY

  • A not very vigilant bunch of Customs Guards, who do change you for getting into the country, but don't have a working cash machine, so sent a bunch of us back to get the bar on the train to open and give us change.
  • Albany for two hours, which is 1 hour 55 longer than expected, but apparently the south of New York State flooded, and there was an actual physical train track point lever that needed pulling but was under water.
  • No connecting train to Philly!
  • (After some panicked phonecalls to sinsense) proscription who is a saint, and her flat, and her flatmate's bed.
  • After an real actual greyhound, sinsense! Who was gracious and erudite at all times, apart from the bits where she wasn't, which were even better.
  • Bowling with her neighbour and his pals.
  • The Mutter Museum, which is an actual honest to god medical museum, of the "I would like to donate my body to science" sort. It contains the skeleton of Harry Eastlake, one of the most famous sufferers of Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, a disease both literally awesome and terrifying.
  • Scrabble (I did better than I usually do, and then couldn't resist finishing on 'FILCHED', which is an excellent example of tactics vs strategy: I'd have won anyway, and there might have been more than one game).
  • Her friends! They are generally pretty cool.
  • A lot of coffee shops!
  • proscription, formally. She is also pretty cool.
  • ILX's Laurel, at a Anglophilic ska&rocksteady night (also, keeping a straight face as one of them DJs describes the way he's recently discovered one of the clear influences on Madness - Chas 'n' Dave)
  • Forbidden Planet by Union Square! Which I'd been to before, but this time I tried to buy something with a credit card, using my passport as ID, and got "You guys have your own language? That isn't English? Weird".
  • cartographer! Ridiculously I never did this when we lived in the same city (we didn't know each other or antything, but c'mon, it's Dublin*).
  • On her recommendation, the Irish Hunger Memorial, which is actually very moving (apart from the bit on top, which has a nice view and is used by random tourists as somewhere to take pictures from).
  • A crapton of Movies:

    • Transformers 2: Even worse than the FAQ suggests.
    • Harry Potter: quite well put together, the scriptwriter continuing to earn his pay, everyone involved good as well. I genuinely fear for the next one, though.
    • Up
    • Moon, Ice Age 3, G-Force, Up 3D
    • GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, which was well put together and entertaining throughout (though it would take at least one pot of coffee to even explain the Bechdel test to it, so to speak).
    • Also Dragonballs: Evolution! On the lovely Air Iceland trip home, where the entertainment is Modern and lets you stop and start any of the channels at will. Though one of the entertainments is an episode of Buffy, specifically the last one! There is nothing to be said for or about this colonated film.

* In fact, this is kind of a theme of the trip: meeting people I knew online in actual flesh for the first time (anthonyeaston, proscription, Laurel, cartographer), or meeting people I had met before, but with whom I'd doubled the actual hours spent in their company by the end of my first day with them (Rachel, KvS, sinsense). All were a complete delight, suggesting that It's Never Too Late To Make New Friends! I shall have to write that down somewhere.
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