Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

3D + Glasses

(you may have seen this as a Facebook status update, but needed expanding on)

I have not entirely been using my time in New York to full cultural effect, I admit, but it's my holiday so naff off. Anyway, I went to see Moon with Sam Rock-Well yesterday, it's a lovely creepy bit of space moodiness (the closest thing to it would be 2001, which looks like an all-out action romp by comparison). Afterwards, I decided to try the new 3D process that I'd been hearing about for a while, with more and more (largely computer generated) films being presented in it.

The verdict, I am glad to announce, is Holy Fvcking Sh1t! As someone who needs glasses to see as far as a movie screen, I've had many years of squinting and seeing occasional stuff swimming in and out of view in 3D films. But the glasses for the new RealD fit over my regular ones and really really work. I naturally managed to lose one of the lenses of my regular glasses while attempting to clean it to improve the effect, but it was still quite effective (yes I am an idiot).

The film I actually saw was Ice Age 3 which was alright. I really regret going to see Up in 2D now, and may yet go back to see it again before I leave. Afterwards, though, I went back in to see G-Force (the Guinea-Pig CIA agents one), which is not a great film, but is an absolutely amazing 3D film. It probably helps that it has actualy humans in it (including Bill Nighy chewing scenery in his own lovely way), but it's also 100% more stunning as regards actual effects present - the bit where the X-Files-ish place and date appeared to be teletyped 10 feet in front of the actual establishing shot is the one that made me sit up and pay attention, but is by no means the most impressive.

So in short, if you like the idea of 3D but have been hampered by your four-eyed curse, your time of liberation is at hand!
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