Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Post day - The Book Game

Hiya. As many of you know, I help run an LJ community called the_book_game, being an online version of an old parlour game based around inventing and identifying fake first lines for books. Well, even if you don't wish to take part (though I think you might be juuust in time to fake a line for the latest game), you can now reap the benefits of their hard work, thanks to the creation of The Master Index! If you're curious how a bunch of well-read reprobates would have started any of those books, the answers are but a click away. I imagine this will be of particular interest to the reader who wrote one of those books.

Personal highlights: the Wodehouse, the Gaiman, the John Major, and of course the Weis/Hickman.
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