Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist


How am I? I'm fine, if a little busy for reasons I'll come to in a paragraph. Spent last weekend at home, seeing the family. I think I've got this dandling thing down now. I did have a terrifying conversation about drink which I might tell you about later if I get some stuff done.

Two sleeps* to holiday! I expect you all to behave yourselves over the next three weeks, and if you must misbehave, try to do so in a manner that will show up in the international media rather than Livejournal.

And while I'm gone, it'll be all change! steerpikelet will be moving into my old room on Sunday, and it turns out that the only person who turned up to look at Ros's room was an old acquaintance of hers, which makes life easier. The name he gave was Charles Smith, so discovering what lies behind such an obviously fake name is going to be part of what keeps the flat interesting.

*Well, I say two, but tomorrow is Black Plastic, whichyoushouldallcometo, and it runs till four, and my flight is at half five... except my flight is in fact at half five in the afternoon, as there aren't many flights to Montreal, which makes straight-throughing trickier.
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