Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist


There is a thing, which I do, which some of you may have been subjected to, which my sister just now has certainly been subjected to, which is on parting the turning-away peace sign flashed, unanswerable. There is also a reason for this, a basis for the positioning, which is imposed on you if you see it WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, MAN!. This is that there was a film of Woodstock, which was shown on Channel 4* when I was an impressionable age (IE ALL THE TIME (IE but no seriously, probably about 15-20 years ago)), which featured at aone point a nun, flashing the peace sign, unanswerable, etc. And there was someone, in a Channel 4 editing suite, who was decided that that frame was the one which should be the into-ad/outof-ad frame for Channel 4, and this is how I was made.

PS it is possible that I am very very drunk.

*theoretically the ad-break could have been ITV, but I think it's fairly inarguable that it was Channel 4. One of Sue Townsends Adrian Mole books has an entry for "today Channel 4 was launched, it appears to be a channel for people who do the crossword", and my heart rejoiced and this is how I was made etc, except now I have been faced with the naked classism of that statement, but still never the less I think that the first 10-15 years of Channel 4 are the best TV channel ever anywhere and possibly this discussion is best suited to a forum other than a footnote, yes.
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