Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Be doing something.

Being an update from Andrewland.

  • We have a new flatmate! Provided 'i's dot and 't's cross, steerpikelet will be joining us in a little while. Also I'll be moving up into the front bedroom, which will be interesting.
  • But Ros is leaving to join the circus move in with her very nice boyfriend, so we still need someone to move in in early August. If you know anyone who can help, sing out!
  • One of the reasons the moving will be 'fun' is that I am going home to see the folks the weekend after Emma moves out, followed by my enormous Eastern North America holiday, followed by a week of work, followed by The Fringe (thinks about thinking about booking tickets, gibbers). Which basically means that after July 4th, I won't be home on a weekend again until August 29th/30th! So, moving on weekdays there, marvellous. Also have to set aside time for The Harrowing of The Stuff, as even though it's a bigger room, it has a lot less storage space.
  • But I will be coming out for a bunch of stuff! You should too, if it's plausible. Sorry, people who don't speak Facebook.
    • This Wednesday, Where is My Mind?, a music pub quiz in Kilburn run by the excellent Charlie No. 4. The particular type of music that this one is themed is I understand still up in the air.
    • This Friday, Poptimism! In the Horse bar, near Waterloo. Pop music, now in a venue that can stand a donk or two.
    • Ooh, I'd forgotten this! Laughter in Odd Places, allegedly the last such, returns to the Museum of London on Thursday July 2nd, with Simon Munnery, Richard Herring, Josie Long and others, all for the cheap cheap price of free.
    • The next day, why not come along to indie disco Mutton in the Buffalo Bar, to dance to songs that may or may not be of your youth? NB considering them a guilty pleasure is not compatible with full enjoyment.
    • Speaking of which, some friends of therealjo appear to be organising a Power Ballads club the very next day, over in Loom, off Portland Street. There is I understand no official karaoke element...
    • If, after all that, you feel in need of a rest, then the mighty team of roy_dcour and dr_f_dellamorte will be proving themselves gentle giants as they host Soul Gravy, on Sunday July 5th in the Star of Bethnal Green. They play the warmest and most flavoursome soul, funk, reggae; the Star serve a lovely roast; you relax in excellent company. Later, you might dance. Normally, I don't have a lot of time for this, even when my friends are involved, but these two really know their stuff, and I'm intending to be there for the full duration.
    • And the Saturday after that, return to the Buffalo Bar and some familiar faces as they break out - Indie-Oke! The sharp-eyed among you will have figured out that I'm not going to this, but I understand that barring being hit by a meteorite, carsmilesteve will be Very Much There. Indeed, in a sense he is there already.
    • Finally, on the 17th there is Black Plastic. It is in a new venue, which is only a bus away! I intend to enjoy it, and then spend much of the next day's flight in the crash position. Good times!
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