Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

PostDay: LJ meme ahoy!

How did you come to start your LJ?
A lot of people I knew on my previous community started drifting away, and atommickbrane and freakytigger and more and more ended up here. Also leedy (who I knew in real actual life!) was here.

Er, but the real reason is of course "To read other people's LJs on the one page, I'll never post on it, no".

How did you find your first friends?
Pretty much all imported from ILX, and settling on poptimists. I think the first friend I made who I hadn't met was katstevens.

Are those first friends still on your FL?
Actually yes! Some of that group have come and gone (and some only come out to comment), but the usernames in the first few entries are the four mentioned above + carsmilesteve, catsgomiaow, boyofbadgers, dubdobdee and mrs_leroy_brown. All present and correct!

How long have you been on LJ?
Since June 2005. It seems longer at times.

Do you have more friends or communities on your FL?
Friends, yeah. See a later answer re: unfriending. But even if I cut out, say, everyone who hasn't posted in the last month, I think it'd still definitely be friends.

Do you do a lot of friends cuts?
No, I think I might be about to make one of my first! I did make a fantastically passive aggressive move at some point last year of going "Now, I will read all the people I've friended who I haven't had time to read yet" and then "I have now done that, and friended some of them (meaningful look)". But in general once I've friended someone I tend to stay interested, and even if they go away they might come back.

What do you like in an LJ friend?
That they are worth the time of reading. This covers a lot of posting styles and frequencies.

What do you dislike?
Twitter, I suppose. Suit the medium to the message.

What would make you un-friend someone immediately?
I... don't know. I tend to be fairly careful when friending someone, so I really don't imagine that anyone I know will say anything too outre. Most of the things I can think of, I can think of a counter example of. Oh! There was someone who'd friended me some time ago, and I appear to have drunkenly friended them back (I guess? I don't remember it, but still they turned up on my friendslist the next day) more recently. I have officially reached my limit for Life Details of Strangers, so I was looking for an excuse, when they posted complaining unironically about the death of the "culture of service" in the US, and as a old leftie I considered that an automatic red card (so to speak). Except except I have people on my friends list who speak unironically about peons... No, I guess there isn't any one thing.

Have you been caught up in a lot of LJ drama?
I've brought some drama due to mentality in my first few months in London, and been caught up in one or two things, but they're of the "A shagged B then C found out" type, and compared to the heights of ILX ("A will delete the entire board unless someone buys him Buffy DVDs" / "B is entirely imaginary in some way" / Almost anything at all to do with Shimura Curves) it barely registers.

Do real-life friends and family members know you have a journal on LJ?
Many if not most of my real-life friends are on LJ! My family really have no idea, but the most tech-savvy of them only joined Facebook last autumn.

Do you also have Facebook and if so, what do you prefer – LJ or FB?
Facebook is handy because EVERYONE is on it. But you can't make friends there like you can on LJ.

What about Twitter?
Definitely not now that I'm internetless at work: missing peak time would be a pretty useless experience, I think. Probably not a great idea the rest of the time either.

Do you blog on any other sites?
In theory Freaky Trigger. Which remains a center of excellence! I just am not great at essays.

How often do you check in on LJ?
Once or twice from my phone at work. More if I'm home in the evening.

What do you rarely or never post about?
I tend to think that I post about everything, but actually I probably stay away from certain topics. Loneliness, for example.

Why don't you post about that?
Because it is difficult to do so without seeming really passive-aggressive, I think.

Have you ever thought about deleting your journal?
No. I've said everything I've said. Some of it wouldn't be the best introduction to me, but so it goes.

Have you ever changed your username?
Nope. This is definitely the best accident I ever made.

Why did you choose your current username?
It was emo FAIL! I was going to be raisedbywolves, but some BASTARD already had it, so I tried to add 'boy' at the start, and the length restrictions meant that only the 'b' would go in. Oh well, I thought, what's in a name?

If you're looking for new friends, how do you find them?
Generally I meet them in real life! There are very few people on my friends list that I haven't met at least once. Though some of my favourite posters are those that I've met exactly once.

Are you taking new people on to your Friends List just now?
This question is very funny for reasons that I am unfortunately not at liberty to discuss.

Finally, tell us the reasons why you keep an online journal.
I was going to say "Because of you, dudes", like a big hippy, but that just explains why I have a friendslist. I think I post (when I post) for different reasons. Sometimes it's broadcast State of the Andrew stuff, sometimes "dudes have you seen this" (the sort of thing that is moving to Twitter, I understand), sometimes because I am interested in what the good people that I know think on a subject. But at the heart of it all is a simple love affair between a man and the sound of his own voice.
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