Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

PostDay: Past residences of the me

Here's the place that I lived when first I first came to London. Six months in a bedsit wondering if I should just go home. The thing in the background wasn't there then, I think.

here's Lovely Lovely 106B Middleton Road, still my favourite place I've ever lived, until it all went septic. We only had the top half (including Hyuuuuge loft), but still.

I agree with ultraruby that this doesn't seem so privacy invading because it's all filmed in glorious sunshine! Ah man, I've just turned the second picture and you can see London Fields at the end of the road.

I would probably not be showing you where I currently live, but it doesn't matter, as it doesn't cover our street! The van took one look and then legged it. A bit of guessing however means that I am able to figure out which of the shops on the main road we back onto, and where those lovely smells are coming from.
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