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Bit of both.

Good news: Had an final interview this morning with a company that recently hired a friend and ex-colleague of mine.

Bad news: I think I possibly fvcked it up.

Good news: They make a framework for online betting, and reading up on their website yesterday about how it allows the customers to track individual betting patterns and recognize how and when to offer free credits to draw punters back in did give me a shiver of "this is actually evil".

Bad news: I'd probably still take it I still don't have a job. Er, Britain doesn't have any 'get a job in x months or fvck off' stuff like the states, does it?

Good news: lots of agencies picked today to ring me Re: new and exciting opportunities (including one seconds before the interview, and one 5 mins later, after the interviewer had gone to get me a glass of water).

Bad news: The agencies that were new to me completely failed to actually mail me the job specs, and I didn't write down their names, so I have zero ways of actually contacting them.
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