Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

List of Yay

(for catsgomiaow)
- Drinking with my sister last night!
- She brought me my Xmas presents!
- I'd forgotten what one of them was, and it's the hardback of Neal Stephenson's Anathem!*
- She's off today to see her fancy lady, who sounds very nice.
- Dancing tomorrow at Black Plastic!
- And next Saturday at Don't Stop Moving!
- Also an Australia Day party and a birthday party that I was pleasantly surprised to be invited to.**
- The impending return of Charlie No.4's pop pub quiz! Which we will win this time, oh yes.
- Also lots of stuff upcoming hooray for getting out of January.
- "And I remember / Dublin in a rainstorm", oh but Sinead O'Connor it is you that I will always love!
- Forthcoming world tour: NY/Philadelphia/St. Catharine's/Montreal in July/August, more details when er I figure them out!
- Justifying Spotify's existence in one swoop: every 50's UK number 1 (er, less Andy Williams)! From freakytigger

*er, sorry about that, my sister's back.
**which are also both on tomorrow, but talking yesterday about my first months in London reminded me to STFU about "complaining" that I have tons of friends who like me.
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