Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

The weekend yoghurt.

I meant to write a Four Month Report for yez on Friday, and didn't get around to it. The short version is that I didn't hand in my notice, so I'm staying at least another two months. I'm living off my credit card, and officially in debt for the first time ever (pause for people who have bought houses to mock my minute idea of same), but in the last month I finally made friends from scratch over here, and found people that will ring me and say "let's go out!" and vice versa, so I'll make a go of it.

I was to go home to Navan for the weekend, as my Mum's birthday was on Sunday. There was a comedy of errors getting to the plane: storing the month's rent safely in the room, leaving my wallet there, returning in a panic, arriving way too late instead of slightly too late (Aer Lingus have changed their checkin deadline from 30 mins before a flight to 45), getting put on the next flight for free because I looked like I'd ran from Holloway, getting the cheap bus from Dublin Airport instead of the express, arriving at Busaras to find out that the next bus home wouldn't get there until 1.30, an appalling hour to wake my sister up at.

All of which lead me to ringing up leedy and her consort, and arranging to stay on their spare bed over the weekend. I met them in the pub with other friends, and we discussed the fact that our flists had slightly bled together since I was last over - she had got atommickbrane, which delighted me, and I'd met and friended ultraruby. leedy is a lot more writerly than me, and so I wanted confirmation that it wasn't just my tin eye (I almost never notice anything that could be described as Good Writing, preferring it to act as a delivery mechanism for ideas), that ultraruby really should start getting people to pay her for putting words together. Alas, neither (none!) of us are capable of making that happen at present.

It also came to my attention that, while a smoke free pub is in general a blessing and a boon, a smoke-free pub where everyone drink Guinness all the time should be legally forced to have an outhouse rather than indoor facilities.

The rest of the weekend was a blur of new PS2 games, shopping centres, and blessed sleep. I did also manage to retrieve some stuff I loaned leedy just before I moved over.

And so I ended up with DVD swag: Millenium Actress, Aliums, Kiki's Delivery Service, Ran, Chinese Odyssey 2002 and Richard Pryor: Live in Concert. If any of the Londoners out there want to borrow them, let me know. Also, is there a site you can use for cataloging stuff in general, like Librarything but for comics & CDs & DVDs as well?
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