Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

year meme

From friend_of_tofu and therealjo this time, here's the meme where you post the first line of the first post of the month.

January: [Title: My impression is] that 2008, is not going to know what hit it.

February: (it's okay if you don't get this)

March: In a better world this would be slightly less grab-bag.

April: As part of [info]shermarama moving out, we've been switching various utilities from her name to mine.

May: Is there a sense in which this is not a ridiculous (attempted) self-fulfilling prophecy that all present should point and laugh at?

June: Hello all!

July: One!

August: Hallo Londoners!

September: It all unfolded in my mind, plans and inventions that formed faster than I could name them, chemical, biological, metallurgical, cybernetic, architectural. [A big long quote from a book, I'm afraid]

October: (oh look, autocomplete suggests I've used this as a title before) [Subject line was "Bits and pieces" :)]

November: It had been a little while since the last update, so here are some things I have indeed done, and what I thought:

December: I had a weekend of contrasts in Scotland.

I think the moral is that I have been "Hello let me show you my emo" this year, and more "Look, the sun is out! Let's wait until it's gone, THEN do a thing!"
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