Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Groo and indeed urgh

I had a weekend of contrasts in Scotland. The first and larger part was excellent: got to Edinburgh on a lovely train with plugs by every seat, got my loss of passport form signed (finally), hung out with jinxremoving, over to Glasgow, top fun and tunes at the last Kaput, including actually dancing to Die Matrosen (if I was doing this in plus-minus form there would be about a dozen plusses there)!

After that, a combination of dead phone, no planning, bad communications and Glasgow Being Full meant that the hours from about 03:30 to 10:30 are probably not going in my highlights of the year. I did visit new and exciting places (Drumchapel! Gourock!) And find out what to do there (get back on the bus/train! It's warmer than being outside! That's why you're on it in the first place!)

Anyway, the cold that I dodged on Sunday has hit me yesterday and today. I am at least capable of coherent thought today - shame it was yesterday that I was in work.

Anyway, the upshot is that for those of you who were considering that acrobatics thing I was talking about last week, I might well not be there tonight, but you should consider it anyway. It's very relaxed.
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