Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Passport woes

I am being given something of a runaround about getting a replacement passport, having lost my current one on a trip to Edinburgh. The cop shop near work swear that they can't count it lost, as it was in a different country. The Edinburgh police, when raised on the phone, are happy to give me a lost property reference, but are understandably incapable of signing and stamping the form. The passport section of the embassy insists that this shouldn't be a big deal, that the police are just verifying that I've lost the passport (in section 6) and/or that I am the person who presented the photos to them (in section 9). The cop shop, when consulted again, literally hovers the stamp over the relevant section before sucking their teeth and claiming that they can't sign as you would need a police officer who knows me (of which
there are none).

Who exactly is fecking me about here, if any of you know? (I appreciate that the chances are low that any of you do)
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