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7 Interests Meme

Hello! I have been going through my mail finding things that I owe a reply to one way or another. So, here the 7 interests meme, in reply to angelv, from, um, June.

  1. anti-rockism
    This is an intentionally bolshy one. There are a lot of different definitions of rockism, the one I use is the habit of valuing standard rock virtues (authenticity, longevity and indeed guitars), and applying them to other forms of music. Anti-rockism then is not caring about whether something is Real Music made by a Real Band who put Real Emotion into it, or whether it'll last the Test of Time (dubdobdee once contrasted it with the Test of Space - with all the things these days available to listen to now!now!now! and clamouring for your attention, anything you're actively listening to has already passed a test (er, did I get that right, Mark?)). So I could just have put down "hating oasis", but then you wouldn't have picked it :)
  2. brunching shuttlecocks
    This is a now-dead internet comedy site, back when such things were a delight and a pleasure. It's comedy came in three main threads: The Book of Ranking, in which they assign grades to lists of things (Slang words that mean "Good" and Thundercats), The Self-Made Critic, who write movie reviews (Godzilla) and random internet toys (The Cyborg Name Decoder and The Goth Quote Generator). Looking back, it's probably not a great as I remember - I tried to find another review that I liked as much as the Godzilla one, but couldn't.
  3. deleting the internet
    cut-and-paste from the last time I did this meme: This comes from a website called ILX, which provided a decent amount of my initial friendslist - atommickbrane, boyofbadgers, catsgomiaow, and in fact most of poptimists. freakytigger was its founder, and there'd occasionally be a call (never honored) for him to delete some discussion for reasons of mentalness. And in the fullness of time, images of great wrongeness from other sites would be found and displayed, followed by a demand that the entire internet be deleted post haste. Um, that's it. It was funny at the time! Actually now that I look today, most of the people who have that as an interest aren't from there, but know the first three LJers named above, and presumably nicked it from some of them, but those three no longer list it! Hooray for fairy rings of the internet!
  4. mashing cheese
    Some time ago, I wrote up an attempt at cooking (second one due any day now!) which did not go entirely to plan. One of the problems was definitely the lack of a grater for the cheese, but I ended up using something which looked a bit like the really coarse side of a four-sided grater, which in fact turned out to be some kind of potato masher.
  5. standard balti house
    This is a perfectly nice curry house on Brick Lane, but when you get the bill, they give you their card, which is printed on a hologrammatic background! It looks really cool, but presumably it costs like 10p, so it's one of the reasons why I love living in the future.
  6. the boomer bible
    This is one of my favourite books, but very odd: it's a story written in a different present, by a tribe of punks in a post-apocalyptic world, but one where the apocalypse seems to have been of cynicism, that people just stopped caring about anything. The first half is their idiot understanding of the flow of history, in the form a collection of Chosen Peoples, one after the other - The Book of Gypsies followed by the Book of Mesopotamians followed by the Book of Greeks, on down to Spics, Frogs, Brits, Krauts. Later on it tells of specific people, but it gets it all confused, so the chapters tend to mush up everyone in movies or in science or in politics. The second testament is the coming of a new-age messiah, a sort of boomer saviour, and how that all worked out. The really mental thing about it, though, it that the whole book is annotated like some holy books - there's footnotes all over the place, and a column in the middle linking them to other sections. Some of these are proper "now compare these two things", but a lot of them are the same reference ("Sure they will"), which you start to recognise them when they come in, like an extra beat of cynicism. I really like it, but yeah, it's a fairly demented book.
  7. transmetropolitan
    This is a comic book series, about a gonzo journalist of the future. He fights crime by writing about it! It is a bit "what if Hunter S Thompson had actually changed things, maaan?" but it's well-written and exciting and very sweary. Also featured a gun which fires soundwaves at the precise frequency which makes people soil themselves.

    So comment if you want, and I'll ask about 7 of your interests.
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