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Jack Kane: Private Eye!

Well, perhaps in a few years. For now, Jack Kane: tiny baby, making me an uncle and Ma Farrell into Grandma Farrell!

ETA: The babby is 8lb 6oz, which is a big child for a little sister. I thought, because I got a text at 8 this morning and another at 10.30, that it was a short labour, but it turns out that she was in since yesterday afternoon (having cleverly told Mum that they were going to the bank), and right at the end it turned into a caesarian. My sister's fine but sore, and dearly in love with Jack, who she says is really adorable, no she's not just saying that because he's hers - she's a medical professional and can spot that sort of thing. Also it's her birthday today as well!

ETA ETA: I have actually rang Josephine to wish well, and heard more of the story. My hair is now a very avuncular white. Surely there has to be a better way?
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