Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

The weekend...

wasn't. I caught a head cold on the Saturday morning, then sat about doing admin and watching the end of The Lost Room which is quite good as odd-sized vaguely sci-fi/fantasy* TV series go. Also packed full of actors that I was sure I'd seen elsewhere, because they're so good at these characters, surely I'm mapping them to other roles? But no.

Also a lot of sleep, while I think helped break the cycle of "Arm too hurt to sleep, not enough sleep to stop hurting"

Not a great, or even good, day in work today, but then over to hang around with Sara tigerpig and watch Zu Warriors. Which: holy crap, legendary martial arts/fantasy film in legendary shocker, but I was completely blown away by the quality and the inventiveness of the effects, and by the fact that there was an actual film there as well. Now I really want to see the remake: that + budget + Yuen Woo-Ping, yes please!

Afterwards, on the train home, sleepy and satisfied, full of icecream and tea and the best cheese sandwiches ever, feeling the slackening of spring and summer and their effects on me, and the pull of autumn and winter and quietude. There'll be another year, and a liveliness to my step then.

* I know I ranted about this somewhere five years ago, but I can't for the life of me find it: In Science Fiction, twists have to make logical sense, which makes it hard to do well when you also have to introduce the things that makes the twist possible. In Fantasy, twists have to make emotional sense, which is easier to write but harder to make work. So Terminator 3 is SF: five minutes after the first fight they telegraph how the movie's going to end. Ditto LXG, for no reason**, which has a scene blatantly written for no other reason than it can pay off at the end. The first Pirates film, on the other hand, has a great last reel twist that only makes sense if you play fast and loose with what you've been told before, but that's been the theme of the entire movie anyway (and it lets the special effects climb a little higher, so hurrah!). Ironically, the first Terminator movie is Fantasy through and through, and all the better for it.

** Though like most of that movie the real reason is probably that it makes Sean Connery feel big and clever.
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