Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Bits and pieces.

(oh look, autocomplete suggests I've used this as a title before)

Tonight! I'm off to see free comedy in a bookshop. If that sounds like the sort of thing you would enjoy, then there may be still some tickets left - you'd have to ring the Charing Cross Road Borders on 02073798877 and see if they have any spare (they had one or two yesterday) and pick them up, I guess at lunchtime?

Friday! I'm going to Sara tigerpig's Sci-fi London Oktoberfest, which is centered around three all-nighters (Anime, Zombies, MST3K) and also a couple of exclusive films on Friday and Saturday (including Dark Floors: the Lordi Motion Picture!). This depends on me getting some sleep ever though, my arm and ribs seem to be against this idea.

Some other day! I have been putting on a layer of fat for the winter, and in an attempt to fight against it a little bit, I'm looking at doing this 100km cycle around London again, and trying it in a day this time. I'd really rather try and finish it in a day this time, ideally while the sun is up, which would probably mean some kind of up-with-the-lark shenanigans. This will be made considerably easier by not waiting until the end of sodding November :) Just saying in case any of you would like to come along.

The hour's going to be
going back as well, so best before then, I suppose. Possssibly this Sunday, but that depends on how wrecked I feel after the all-nighter. Also the weekend after that is free, and it might be nice to try the very last day before the clocks go back, the 25th. So, a range of dates if anyone is interested.

And that's all the news!
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