Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Morning! I had quite a nice weekend, though only one social engagement: Off to sunny Dalston to see Shimura Curves put on a gig in a living room. They're three lovely ladies (Anne-Marie, Marianna, Anna - real actual names!) who sing popsongs and dance a bit, and Kate who writes the popsongs and puts them into her laptop and plays guitar over them. She sometimes sings. She doesn't dance. They were having a band practice with audience because Marianna is a new recruit (there used to be another member, but she wasn't called Anna, Marie or some combination of the two, so she had to go), and they wanted to make sure that everything was still working. And they're great! I've been humming bits of their songs all weekend. So everyone who can should come down to The Luminaire in Kilburn tomorrow for their Valentines Day Mascara.

Also happy birthday to katstevens!
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