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I didn't do all that much, possibly as a protest in the shortening of my weekend by 80% from the previous one. I finally went out at lunch time on Friday to get my Bestival-broken glasses fixed. Of course I also managed to misplace my backup pair that morning, so I ended up cycling over to Specsavers* in prescription sunglasses - doable, but not something I would want to repeat. It also meant I couldn't stay too long in work, obviously. So I stayed too long in work, obviously. Fortunately I seem to have made the cycling question moot by losing my helmet and reflective gear(??!!?). And so then headed over on the public transport to the Foundry to get a pint that I had to shove down me as everyone else was leaving to Rocksteady (not that I have anything against that fine club, of course, but I did just want a pint before home). I don't entirely know what I did with the rest of the evening, but I blame the internet.

Also for most of what I didn't do on Saturday. Though I did have a nice walk to get materials for further adventures in cooking. Maybe it's the sunlight that brings them out, but Mile End Budgens fairly hummed with posh folk. And then over to toriar's housewarming, late enough that almost everyone else left within 10 minutes. Still a few hours spent with a 'select group' were still quite enjoyable. It does however take bloody forever to get back from Greenwich to Mile End unless you wish to risk the Foot Tunnel.

And then on Sunday up quite late, faffed about a bit, started to catch a cold, headed over to pick up the last few ingredients from Canary Wharf Waitrose (which seems bizarrely less posh-filled than the Mile End Budgens - possibly because I know a few people who shop there slightly more than they can afford due to it being the only superstore with anything like an ethics policy). Waitrose was cold, I was cold, not good. I started to suffer a bit on the Jubilee Line to London Bridge, with the result that I left my PSP cover on the tube. Oh yeah and my backup glasses. Fvcksticks. Anyway, I picked up my bike, gave On Your Bike some money for a new helmet/reflective business, and cycled home very slowly and carefully, then took myself directly to bed at 6 with some drugs in me. Got up later, the whole day looked like something of a washout, so thanks to khalinche for suggesting we go see the Thames Festival fireworks from London Bridge, as well as making me try some MD 20/20 (no, seriously, that was totally her idea).

Actually, the thing that ate most of my time was an two-year-old Grand Theft Auto game for the PSP that I've been making my way through. I'm enjoying it, but one thing I wasn't expecting was that even the tiny 2.5-inch discs have ten ten-song radio stations for all the vehicles in the game. A few minutes on this morning nearly caused me to drop it: the song that came on had a very recognisable vocals, but the credits (at the back of the manual) listed only the producer/writer, who I also wasn't expecting. So here you go, the song that Fergal Sharkey and Vince Clarke made:

* Because the longer I work in London Bridge, the more I realise the amount of shops which hover just far enough on the north side of the river to be annoying. You too, Orange!
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