Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist


was very wet!

I characteristically left the house three times on Thursday, the first return after ten seconds to pick up my ticket, and the second after ten minutes (having gone around the corner to an internet cafe to print a colour map) because it had started to spot rain and I thought I might as well bring my wellies. The prospect that I might have left without them literally doesn't bear consideration.

Thursday: travel travel lose back of my phone before I leave the borough of Tower Hamlets travel travel bloody once-an-hour Isle of Wights buses arrive find peoples put up tent, wander around be accosted by Martyne who runs the comedy tent wander wander rain rain wander rain rain rain RAIN RAIN RAIN soaking my tshirt inside my coat go and stand inside gazebo wait for RAIN to stop or at least turn to rain give up and just peg it to my tent and change clothes and get some sleep after figuring out halfarsed survival method such as put coat beneath sleeping bag so some body warmth will dry it.

Friday: water water everywhere wait and wait up and eat breakfast wander things dry a bit phone is put in for recharging wander wander get phone back start to feel better mud everywhere though wander drink get costume done* wander wander Ebony Bones = Brilliant friend Gethan turns up at some point my phone and battery both fall in the mud resulting in unsatisfactory behaviour ever since Santogold = Brilliant The Breeders = Brilliant particularly if you're experiencing the sensory befuddlement of being fdvcked off your head on Brothers Bar Perry at some point the arm of my glasses heads groundwards and is found immediately CSS = Brilliant MBV = quite up for it at the end Blinda says "Thanks for co-" only to be interrupted by the a chord the size of God I think I should head forwards but am quite uncertain how wise it is there is a man to my right drinking cider from a plastic milk carton-like litre container and I should probably not go further forwards than him a silhouette in front of a man in ecstasy thrusting both hands towards heaven one containing an umbrella eventually I get tired of the pissing contest that is You Made Me Realise as it has lost a contest with the actual desire for pissing as I head away they get back to the song to finish it ad I think it's a nice little song all the time this is happening I am losing my one-armed glasses off my head and getting down with my maglite torch to find them in the sea of mud eventually I lose my torch and the game is up and they don't sell torches in the civilisation shop that sells toilet paper and toothbrushes so I put myself to wet wet bed by the light of a glowstick.

On Saturday, the game was up and I went home. In my prescription sunglasses, a little touch of optimism that I was quite glad of, but which would not obviously have done well by me come evening.

On Sunday Gethan texted to say that she was bailing as well, so I headed around to watch Brazil and discuss what we had just experienced. Went charity and food shopping with her yesterday and trained her in internet nefariousness, in return for which I was fed more than adequately. A lovely end to the long holiday.

*The costume here is the bubbles, not therealjo, who in the picture is merely acting as a sort of very advanced fascinator.
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