Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

The calculus of glee

+ Went to Edinburgh
- Left my passport there
- Won't be going to Electric Picnic this weekend due to this
+ Still going to Bestival next weekend
+ Still have my holidays for Electric Picnic, and the days between
+ Melfest I: Black Plastic was completely awesome
+ Melfest I.V: Afterparty was epic
- I am possibly not built for epic. Goodbye Saturday, some of Sunday
+ Melfest II: the pickernick was just completely lovely, as carsmilesteve said about BP, it appears to be most of the friends I've made in the last few years in a club in Regent's Park
- Work is kicking my ass, starting right after returning from Edinburgh
+ I am kicking work's ass, it turns out some of this non-technical stuff I am actually good at
- My ass briefly kicking my ass: Gut Terror on Tuesday, but due to previous two items, lack of much Gut Horror meant I had to go to work, just very nervously
- (comics fans) DC Universe: Last Will and Testament - Brad Meltzer appears to be writing Dave Sim's the Roach, but for serious. Deadly deadly serious
+ (comics fans) Final Crisis: Superman Beyond - salad of all the Supermen, in 3D!
+ Party soon, on September 20th! Come one come all!
- Oh, arses
+ Went to see Space Heroes of the People. They are great! Also features space bass!
+ Which reminds me: I went to Wikipedia to look up an Mountain Goats album, as you do, and found myself reading about Cello Metal. What is not awesome about this picture? Nothing, that's what
+ Anyway, back to Space Heroes: They have a song called Moroderhead
- It isn't as good as it could be. Because nothing is! A song that lived up to the name Moroderhead would contain the final note that would unmake this universe
+ It is 75% as good as it could be!
+ On the wall behind them was projected Rock 'N Roll High School, which I haven't seen in ages and is completely great, though puzzlingly appears to star an older charleston as the PE teacher
++ Last day of work, folks!
- Which I should probably get to, boo sucks
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