Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

The Edinburgh Noos

Dong! facing wave of condemnation after losing area man's ticket to David O'Doherty.

Dong! Laws of small world still in effect - after turning up at the wrong venue for Ed Byrne, the last seat in the proper venue appears to be directly in front of Ed's sister and her husband (AKA Keith, my mate of 19 years).

Dong! Adam Hills proves to be still the most amiable man in show-business, entertained by most things Jason Byrne says, and willing to be taught how to stick a tea-spoon up his nose (thin end first) by Asher Treleaven. Also had David O'Doherty as one of his guests!

Dong! Said David O'Doherty's show for kids, I Can't Sleep, is completely brilliant and lovely. Maeve Higgins, who some of my correspondents are perhaps not fond of in an individual context, is perfect as his older sister patiently trying to get him tired.

Dong! Eros Vlahos, the 13-year-old from the Comedy Club 4 Kids, does a pretty decent 40-minute set: His material is understandably limited, but he has a good eye for a joke and some great delivery (mostly his own).

Dong! Bridget Christie's James II show quite funny, but it helps if you're already fond of her and willing to laugh at her over-reaching as Samuel Pepys, Christopher Wren, and The Black Death.

Dong! Terry Saunders still tells the indiest stories on the planet, but his show is even more complicated than last years, which fantastic results when it works.

Dong! A deer, a female deer.

Dong! Wil Hodgson still great, but attracting hecklers in a show about how he doesn't really believe in the heckler put-down. He remains impassive.

Dong! Fullmooners this year is just on once, in a big top on top of Calton Hill. It is all the great.

Dong! It's a good year to be Andrew O'Neill - good reviews for his main show, and actually packing out the free fringe venue in the Nicol Edwards. It's 15 minutes later than advertised, but area man's plan to nip out before the end is scuppered when Andrew tells his "being in a fight" story, which area man has only heard once before.

Dong! Area man pays for this immediately, as Hils Barker is in the evocatively named "Turret" in the Gilded Baloon, where the door opens onto the stage, and so latecomers can naff off.

Dong! Area man's lateness for the Behemoth is more inexcusable, and nearly results in him being the topic of the first few minutes of the show. Show remains deliciously overclever, but now has a Banksy muppet, which predictably steals the show.

Dong! Pappy's Fun Club actually much better than last year, with an average turnover of one new character on stage per minute, and a scene-stealing blue whale.

Dong! Andrew Maxwell actually apologises for having to repeat bits of last years show to finish the story, and does a great Belfast accent, endearing him more to my hostess Nine jinxremoving. Still great.

Dong! Josie Long also still great.

Dong! Old Rope is actually in a cargo container. Are man doesn't catch the best of luck: arrives during a not fantastic comedian he's never heard of, and then next apparently Paul Foot is doing a new mime every day. Just in time for area man to leave for...

Dong! Andrew O'Neill's main show, "A O'N's totally spot on History of British Industry" is even better than it was in preview, though area man's not going to argue with something which, when demonstrating how the northern accent is naturally designed for industrial purposes, plays a tape clearly recorded for the event of Alan Moore talking about high-cast cams and eruction bolts.

Dong! Nine remains excellent, as do other Embra friends Nessa and Conrad.

Dong! Also I lost my passport.

Regional variations may include Alun Cochrane and Lucy Porter, which is just me going "Yeah they're quite good". They also have something else in common, but I think you'll have to ask me in person about that.
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