Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Live Music Review

Venue: Brixton Windmill (holds 4 people)
Dateline: Now! Well, earlier tonight.

I went down there on the advice of emsk, who didn't end up making it along. I'd done enough research to figure out that I'd enjoy some of it, so no bother.

The Oxfam Fashion Models = what if Suede were a hardcore band? Not happy hardcore, unfortunately, but entertaining in their own way. The lead singer is possibly a future star in the making, carefully draped hair and a Jarvis-like ability to look striking but not ugly. He prowls and leaps and possess an astonishing stare, and would appear to be about 14. The rest of the band look 2 years younger, and run at each other & play with feedback with childish wonder. They're a great band to see first thing, though the myspace suggests that not hearing most of the lyrics is a goood thing.

Pete and the Pirates are all jangly noise & blokes doing harmony singing, maybe a bit louder on the bass than the usual type. They seem almost scottish, and you can't shake off the idea that if they did an unplugged they'd sound like the Proclaimers. They do an avant garde number last - when it starts, you should go to the bar.

The Boyfriends are a headline band on the way up. They're a standard fourpiece indie band, submodel 2: guitar, bass, drums, roving singer. Nothing they do is original, but sweet jesus, they do it so well. I'd compare them to prime Wedding Present, but some time soon I'll remember what they actually remind me of. They're finished off by having a bassist with a distinct resemblance to David Tennant ion one of the shorter Rod stewart haircuts, a resemblance he's heightened by putting on a proper waistcoat & suit for tonight.

It's hard to know whether Metronomy are too p1ssed to play, or there's actually a legion of gremlins affecting their equipment. Said gear comprises 1x guitar, 1x bass, 2x Yahama Keyboards, 1x Korg noisemasher and an Apple laptop. The latter provides a fair amount of the sounds, even those which might appear to be coming from the other stuff. It's the same type of problem that I had with The Shortwave Set - why is the guy who looks like Pancho from Dirty Sanchez blowing into a melodica until he turns purple if the same sounds come out when he stops playing? The music can be good when everything starts working, though I was more entertained by the singer from the OGM in the audience, singing the entire work of the Beatles as accompaniment. Metronomy appear to get wise to this and break into a stuttering glitchy track, but this has it's own price - when Pancho gets the sax out, I get the fvck out.

[Edit: having listened to the Boyfriends' track on myspace, there is of course a certain resemblance to an obscure beat combo called The Smiths. Also the whole band just looks comfortable on stage, as opposed to most of the others.]

[Edit the second: I've just found the clothespin that at some point in the evening turned up attached to my back pocket(!). In the clear light of day, I can see that there is writing on it: I ♥ Oxfam Glamour Models. Which obviously I now do.]
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