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A fortnight in plusses and minuses - the non-comedy

+ Heading over to Nunhead to watch DVDs with Sara tigerpig.

+ Oily Maniac is a thrill-powered Shaw Brothers horror film from the 60s, where a weedy mild-mannered office worker learns the magic formula that will transform him into the titular mess - initially for Justice, though darker motives creep in. It is high-energy low-budget schlock with innovative use of dirt-cheap (ha!) special effects.
- It is very rape-heavy! One attempted, one more so* (with following suicide), and one of the first people put to Justice is one of those not-imaginary women who claim rape for cash rewards. It's something I've been generally aware of but not really had to face before, the fact that it's only relatively recently that it's become a delicate subject. Though as the AV Club's review of Yellowbeard reminded me, it's quite possibly something that I didn't notice myself at the time, or have forgotten.
+ G.O.R.A. is a big-budget Turkish sci-fi comedy film, with an apparently famous comedian as the Chico Marx-like carpet salesman who is kidnapped to another world, which he ends up both teaching an important lesson to and also saving. It's quite winningly written, and the first five seconds probably cost more than Oily Maniac.
- I can sort of see why it didn't make much of a stir outside of it's home territory, as it is full of very deliberate rip-offs of other science fiction films, from Star Wars to The Matrix. Very knowingly too, like a Mel Brooks level, but when you have a five minute segment that resembles the end of The Fifth Element, points out this resemblance, and then takes the piss out of it, it is possibly not wise to send it too close to hungry lawyers. NB it is 1000x better than Spaceballs.

- No Glasto appears to have been a mistake

- Work meaning that I missed most of the Hide & Seek festival at the South Bank Center, which is a bunch of people playing abstract / social games, and was well-reviewed everywhere.
+ I made it down to see my friend Gethan, and catch up a bit.

+ 3/4 of the flat came out to Laughter in Odd Places, which was in the Museum of London.
- One of us not entirely feeling it, due to their not-a-date from OkCupid being approx 12.
+ This required Jack Daniels and partial flatmate bonding afterwards.
- And apparently Toffee Fabulus.
- All the next day and most of the day after: ARGH

+ Avenue Q with Dee bluedevi and her Dan and many others!
- Not the first time I've seen it, and this had a different (and not really as good) cast.
+ Watching people watch it is still amusing
+ And Emma meeting Dee, which is nice as Dee was the only person me Emma and shermarama had in common when we moved in togther, and though she's come back to an afterparty at ours, they'd never actually met!
+ Poptimism!
- Leaving early to get home and see the Doctor Who finale
+-+-+ The Doctor Who finale

+ Drinks with yiskah! And now she's met Emma as well, which is nice.
+ Out to Sara's again last Friday for further DVDs

+ Kiki's Delivery Service: immensely gentle animation from yer man Miyazaki
- Kirsten Dunst and Billy Crystal actually quite annoying on voiceover.
+ Japanese audio and English subtitles: win!

+ The BBC have fortunately put all of the best Doctor Who Season 3 episodes on the one DVD: Human Nature + The Family of Blood, and Blink. Also it was getting dark about now.

+ Fido: Camp 1950s americana, with trapped-and-collared zombies as the hired help. As good as it sounds, plus it has Carrie-Anne Moss and Tim Blake Nelson.

+ Millennium Actress: Satoshi Kon's anime film about a film crew interviewing a reclusive actress, which turns into a dreamlike retelling of her life using her movies, which they crew end up in in various roles.
- I was really expecting something supermental, like his next film Paprika, but this really wasn't anything that couldn't have been done live-action.
+ Very pretty throughout, though.

+ Fido also the perfect present for glam_razzle, whose birthday was the next day (well, technically it was Sunday, as she was born just after midnight, but the party she shared with her twin ampersand_plan started on Saturday, as she was born just before).

- Werk before than though, and werk the next day stopping me coming to miss_newham's soiree.

*Um, what's the word here? "Successful" seems wildly inappropriate!
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