Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

A fortnight in plusses and minuses - comedy edition

+ Being first person down at Old Rope the week before last, and getting a front row seat.
- Getting called out three times from the stage.
+ One of these being "I thought it would be you or Ed Byrne that got that joke"
+ Being told by Russell Howard that my laugh was from the wrong century, I should be hanging around with Henry VIII.
- Finding out that my name during this time period would apparently being Miffy.
+ Russell apologising for this twice during the rest of his set.
+ Ed Byrne, Robin Ince, even Paul Foot all very good.
- New lad Robert White pointing out that he had quite serious Asberger's, so the crowd got nervous every time he fluffed a joke / song and teetered on the edge of an apologetic mess.
+ His eventual triumph! And the fact that he's quite good.

- Missed seeing Clockwork Comedy due to knackeredness.

+ 3/4 of the flat came out to Laughter in Odd Places, which was in the Museum of London.
+ Stewart Lee actually did exactly the routine I'd mentioned to Daisy vacanthippy.
+ Not only is watching Stewart Lee do a routine again still funny, but watching someone who's never seen it before is also sweet.
- Emma khalinche couldn't get into Stewart Lee, and ended up seeing Richard Herring.

+ Troy Club, with hour-long previews of Troy Club and Lady Carol's Tomorrow is Here. The latter in particular, not because it was better but because I'd not really seen her being funny for extended periods before.

- None of yez turned up to the Josie Long and Behemoth preview.
+ But my friend Gethan did, with her friend Mark!
- Behemoth still reading off pages and giggly.
+ Nadia Kamil is presumably the magic ingredient which makes it more than twice as good as Luke Roberts solo. Also, very cute when giggly.
- Gethan not really feeling it.
+ Gethan totally feeling Josie Long, practically vibrating in her seat at times.
+ and rushed up to her afterwards and got Josie excited, and cards were exchanged and everything.
+ I said "Oh, I was just going to say 'This is my griend Gethan'" and Josie said "Oh, if you'd said you were a friend of Andrew's!". Aww!

+ Out yesterday to MJ Hibbett's "press launch" for his six-day Edinburgh show, "My Exciting Life In Rock!", which does what it says on the tin, considering he's a bloke with an acoustic guitar and a ukelele. If you're going to be up between the 4th and 9th, you could do a lot worse than going to see him.!
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