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Outings: Radiohead / Comedy

So: I have a spare ticket for Radiohead in Victoria Park [Edit: for Tuesday 24th], for the cost of £49 quid, if anyone is interested?

Also, there's a series of comedy gigs on Tuesdays, in Belushi's on Borough High Street. They're basically two Edinburgh previews each night (so, an hour each) for £6. The one I am really excited about is on July 8th, which is Josie Long / Wisecrackin' Mindsqueezin' Behemoth. Josie Long I've written about before, she's indie-without-being-twee (her shows have hand-written and -drawn zines for programmes) and won the best newcomer at the Fringe the year before last and a few of you came to see her do last year's show in December. The other act (who were the Gently Progressive Behemoth last year, another of my 5/5 shows at the fringe), are Luke Roberts who some of you might have seen around (compering one of the Clockwork Comedy gigs), and Nadia Kamil who doesn't do her own stuff much but adds energy to his work creating something with the energy and invention of a great kid's TV show. I don't entirely know what this one is going to be like, but I imagine it'll be easily worth your £3 :)

Below the cut: the other gigs that are on, with recommendation when I know them (and I'm sure someone out there can identify the ones I can't)

[Edit: I won't be at the ones on the 24th (Radiohead) or the 1st (lovely Clockwork Comedy on Pentonville Road), so you'll have to bring your own company for those]

24th June: Matt Kirshen & Jon Richardson. Matt is a tiny childlike figure, who recently (and very deservedly) got into the televised finale of Last Comic Standing, and so is very slightly famous in the states. He's smart, he's observant, he's kind of adorable. No real shtick as such. Jon Richardson is actually quite similar, I've only seen him a few times, but he's been pretty funny.

1st July: Stephen K Amos & Pappy's Fun Club. I've only seen Mr. Amos in the context of the 24 hour show, where he was acerbic and confused, as many are. Seemed a good chap, I assume the slight campness plays a part in his regular show. Pappy's Fun Club are a four-man sketch troupe that won the best newcomer last year. I haven't actually seen them since then, but they're very good at thinking up a great surreal image (a singing group which is two parts old-timey musicians and one part Julius Caesar) and getting all the laughs from it. They link their sketches together well too: the show builds as it goes on, and if they've learned to start with good material, then it'll be great throughout.

15th July: Alexis Dubus and Simon Munnery. I actually have no idea at all about Mr. Dubus, but Simon Munnery has been entertaining people for at least a decade, as the League against Tedium, Alan Parker Urban Warrior, and others. He's a smart bastard by any standards, and the one complaint that I could imagine is that he can tend to stop not at the punchline, but at the line which the punchline is visible from.

22nd July: Steve Hall & Reginald D Hunter. Steve Hall is the quiet one from We Are Klang, and his stand-up stuff is pleasant and amusing. Reginald D Hunter on the other hand, is a very sweet but physically imposing American, who is the master of slow (though not long) buildups to great punchlines, and is generally just an affable sort these days.

Also: my weekly diary is up, backdated to Friday, for those of you that find this fascinating.
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