Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Double Bah

I hope no-one has been on tenterhooks about my life (apart from me) - the news on the flat is that it definitely went last Thursday to emsk's friend, and I thought about my backup plan, then decided not to bother, as moving is such an almighty pain in the head that I'll only do it for a 'perfect storm' thing like that flat. It's not like I'm being chucked out, after all.

And then today I heard that I'm not getting the job. I had to ring up the agency to find out that they'd been told yesterday, which is really insult to injury. Apart from an interview on Thursday (first interview, but after two tests), my schedule's clear, so I'll have to start applying for new jobs and ringing old agencies, which I'd been foolishly holding off on because I thought I'd get this one. Even more annoying is that I should have been doing this today, but sat around instead.

I didn't entirely waste my time, I suppose:

First, two investigations into the nature of pop on poptimists: An (almost) tightly focussed discussion and a big sloppy free-for-all. I think I've come around to the idea that the 50-comments limit is a good thing because by that point it's all little discussions anyway, but this is one case where I'd like to reverse it.

Also two threads on The Other Internet. One's about bullying, and turns into a rotten shouting match immediately, with tons of bad faith/incuriousity on both sides. After 150 posts, it all gets settled down, but it reminds me why I don't try and get into anything over there. The other threads is three times the size, mostly about one picture, and reminds me why I used to love it.

I finally found and downloaded Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death, the Comic Relief special from about 6 years ago. It's pretty good for what it is.

Spent some time over at the Apple site looking at trailers as well. Executive Summary:

Also I have spent some time wondering if Separation of Church and State will in the long run be seen as a failed experiment.
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