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Dear Diary


Been working with my boss, Dave, on a big poject for some clients. They're coming around to see it on Tuesday. I haven't done much visibly (due to ATP + day off sick), so it's good that Dave will be there to show off the shiny stuff he's been working on. Dave it turns out will be at a first-aid course. Bugger. I'll have a busy day on Monday, then. It's a bank holiday weekend. Bugger. Well, as long as I'm resigned to working over the weekend, I can get a respectable amoun t done wach of the three days and it'll be fine. The power to the entire building is going to be off on Sunday. Bugger.

Off to dawnage's birthday meal in the Metro Bar, nice company, only one veggie main course, which was absolutely covered in salt. Nice! I meant to ask, how were the other dishes?

Then down to Soul Mole, lots of fun as usual, new and old people, one of whom I ended up carrying away items of clothing of, for reasons that are still not entirely clear.


Get up, faff about, get into work for about three, faff about, at five start to get down to it. At six, IT man comes in to turn off the machines until Sunday Evening/Monday Morning. Go home, faff about.

tigerpig rings to see if I want to go to a party in Bow. I agree, she texts me with the address and the instructions "wear a suit". It's one of those "theme if you want it" parties, probably just to show off the host Justin's excellent plus-fours. I go, with the suit and waistcoat (as always, I wonder why I don't just wear it all the time), hang about have a nice time. Sara leaves after a while, the host goes upstairs to pass out, I end up talking to a girl called Rebecca from Essex about stuff. After it gets late enough to come in from the garden, I am of a mind to leave, but the new DJ has started playing some nice 80s stuff, so I stay for a song. An hour and a half later, I stop dancing, put but on my waistcoat and jacket, stick the tie in the pocket and exit. It was just a lovely thing, to find a DJ at a house party playing a great set, up from Blondie through Madness, rave92, dancehall, ending in Original Nuttah (!). And to have someone to dance with, who loved it as well (at some point she went to ask the DJ for something, and I thought "Now I'll have to wait to ask him if he has any Prodigy", but that was what she'd been asking for anyway).

On the way back, my first near-mugging in a long time! Cobley Road, under the railway bridge, group of youths on the other side, they drift over, I look directly at the first one, handkerchief as a mask, run!


I spend the early part of the day availing myself of the Genesis cinema, seven minutes away by bike. Iron Man is a lot of unexpected fun, though it would appear that Jeff Bridges is now officially old. Shame about Gwyneth Paltrow, but I suppose at least she's not Liv Tyler.

Indiana Jones is great! I was quite worried about the first thing I saw, which was the credits. You don't start with the credits in an Indiana Jones film! Rolling Boulder*, Nightclub Shootout, River Phoenix-starring Creation Myth - these are the standards you have to live up to. And it's not like the story didn't allow it - twenty pulse-pounding swash-buckling oh-no-he-di'int minutes later, there's a cut back to Professor Jones in the classroom, and basically a big sing saying "credits go here". I still can't figure out what they were thinking. But the rest of it is great, as I will expound on in a separate post.

Afterwards, cycled down to the first Sunday Night Adventure Club in five months. Met tigerpig again, and toriar and watched pleasant shambolicism.


Get up, faff about, go into work at 4pm.


Leave work at 4pm, clients duly wowed. Head over to Hoxton Square, sleep in declining sunshine for a while, then over to the Reliance to meet carsmilesteve and Charlie No.4 to discuss old age and the center of the internet. Afterwards, Storyteller's Club, across the way in Shish. It's gentle good fun, and hooray a non-sleazy performance from Richard Herring!

Wednesday: Off after work to School For Gifted Children, which is the new (okay, not so new these days) thing from Robin "Book Club" Ince. It is actually quite different in that it's about science rather than "the things I found". Stewart Lee hasn't actuallt seemed to cop this, and not only calls it by its previous name, but basically does a story about "a thing I found". Fortunately he's Stewart Lee. Also present are Simon Singh demonstrating science, Jo Neary with her powerpoint presentation sketch, Danielle Ward talking about Nietzsche, Martin White's random song generator, and finally the Guardian's Ben Goldacre talking at length about how fvcked the medical drugs situation is. It goes on forever, and it's a lot of fun. And next time I'll atually buy a ticket instead of having to wait around forever.

Thursday: Go to see There Will Be Blood with therealjo, about four months after we first made plans. It's totally worth it, Daniel Day Lewis is great as the decreasingly twinkly oilman, and Paul Dano looks unrecognisable from his spot in Little Miss Sunshine.

And that's it!

*Actually having watched Raiders again recently, the boulder is obviously the best bit, but there isn't a consecutive ten seconds in the intro that isn't entertaining in one way or another.
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