Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Thnig and a thing and a thing.

THING! Today I brought back to the nice Nigel Hall shop the jacket I bought on Tuesday (which is a shorter version of the coat I wore all winter, which was a longer version of the jacket I wore until it broke last year - it's my only real extravagance, because they look nice and they're tough as hell - FORESHADOWING), as it had managed to lose a button yesterday, within 24 hours, and the others were looking a bit shaky. They were very nice about it, it had been on the racks, so maybe it had been tried on too many times, or something, or something.

Later after a few refreshing pints at carsmilesteve's birthday, I decided to soak up some of the booze at the Great Portland Street station-facing Tesco, specifically at the Krispy Kreme section. Firstly why oh why oh why do I keep doing this, even when there are sandwiches within reach, why is always the worst thing present that I decide can save my life? Secondly, I was sufficiently 'refreshed' that within a few minutes the front of my jacket was home to a collection of powdered sugars. I was then very intensely grateful that these things happened in the right order, as I really really hate returning stuff when my owning it has caused any change in it's resale, even if it's blatantly "this garment is falling to pieces".

Of course ten minutes after the powder went on, it was off again as if nothing had happened.

THING! On the tube on the way home the driver announced that there was a broken signal up ahead that had been causing hassle all night, so anyone who was standing up should sit down, because we were going straight through it, and when we did the emergency brakes would kick in. Scenes of a 60's Star Trek disaster were kind of avoided due to the fact that there were about 3 people on the train anyway, and they were sitting down as if their life depended on it.

THING! In further soakage news, I got my traditional "supper" of a Mars drink and a packet of Cheese & Onion McCoys from the 24 hour shop second-nearest home, and have been wondering if one of the reasons this works is that the crisps are fairly strong tasting, allowing for an instant guide as to sobriety. Hmm, I can taste about 10% of what I'd normally taste, I must be hammered. Though in fairness missing Liverpool Street by one stop on the tube, and then again by four the other direction (leading to the quite serious possibility that I'd meet people who'd left the pub 30 minutes after me) might also be seen as a sign.

(format stolen from worldofagwu)
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