Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

There is something about the poster for the Iron Maiden best-of specifying "1980-1989" that suggests an over-hasty keenness to ensure that you understand that someone you can trust (IE not one of the band!) is the gatekeeper on this particular endeavour. Also the fact that the list of songs on it ends with "Iron Maiden" sells its own story regarding the point when the band went "fuck it, we've been not calling each song Iron Maiden for 10 years". NB I am an immense dilettante on the subject of non-hair metal of this period and have no solid idea as to whether the band actually pre- or seriously post-dated it, or indeed where in their chronology their eponymous single comes.

Bonus Content! The first line from an email today: Tokamak is an online 3D environment where bands, singers, musicians and their fans are represented by cubes. This, for reference, is not the ideal way to sell something to me.
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