Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

The update is that there's no update.

Well, there is on the Job, they want me back for an technical interview tomorrow, because they've spotted that both of the ones so far were all talking. That's nice - I know everyone has to get through the "talk to a VP" interview as well, but they might well bung that on the end, and i might possibly be in reciept of a Job Offer by Friday.

The flat's turned into a bit of a comedy of errors. I was talking to a friend Peter and his wife Debbie over the weekend, and she said that a friend of hers in Stoke Newington had a v. nice 1-person flat which she got off the council in some way, and she hadn't been able to get anyone she knew to take it, so she was in the process of trying to sell it back to the council. I said it sounded interesting, but I wouldn't start asking her to cancel anything yet, wait until I find out about emsk's spare room.

Anyway word from emsk is that they have some guy who will get the room unless he turns it down, but they haven't finished viewing, and won't have a result until late Wednesday / Thursday. Meanwhile my relationship with the landlord's rep here is that I've handed in my notice, but I might cancel so don't advertise it or have people to view it. Which was fine when it might be a couple of days, but is verging on taking the p1ss at this stage. I could ask emsk to ask yer man if he's still interested, which would free me to start making enquiries otherwise, but I'd rather not as he's also in the situation where he doesn't have to (and would presumably rather not) say yes or no until he finds out if he's still the pick (if he even knows he is).

None of this is life-threatening, it's just that it's a little aggravating to realise you're in a Property Chain when you're still only sodding renting.
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