Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist


As part of shermarama moving out, we've been switching various utilities from her name to mine. This involves BT shutting down the phone line and starting it up again in my name. Except they given us a different phone number, and so instead of Orange Broadband taking a week(!) to reconnect us, it'll either be two weeks for a new phone number or instead a 7/10 working days(!) from next Tuesday(!), when BT give us our old number back.

The result is that I won't be on the interweb except at work for at least a fortnight. I'll be checking my email from my phone occasionally the rest of the time, there's always internet cafes if I need to get back to one of you... but I'm not going to be quite as omnipresent as usual, at all.

One of the things I'm planning to do to fill the time is watching movies - off my harddrive, out of my shamefully large collection of DVDs I've bought but never watched, in the Prince Charles, on opening weekend (not that I know of any Big Movies out in the next few weeks - am I wrong?), over at other people's houses.

In conclusion, have a monster tune.

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