Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

The Big Day Theory

Every once in a while a bunch of things seem to happen around the same time. In this case, since the day in question is last Tuesday, it's odd that it isn't yet clear whether this has happened.

To start with, the prospects of the job in South Kensington are looking up, I went back, the day after my first interview, and met with a slightly higher guy, who turned out to have worked some time back with B-----, the Head of Engineering in my previous company. B----- is actually one of a not-short-enough list of people that I meant to contact since I moved over, but haven't. My conscience is slightly clearer on his case, as, er, I forgot about him entirely until this guy mentioned him.

"So, yeah, I was over in that company a few times. You had a great technology. What ever happened there?"
"It didn't work."
"Oh wow, really?"

(insert discussion of how idealistic and optimistic technicals and business-driven management can lead in a no-real-fault way to "It doesn't work")

And then to the interview, which is all this Competency Based Interviewing nonsense - "Give an example of a difficult or sensitive situation that required you to use excellent communication skills." and so on. Fortunately I have a wide pool of experience in how software development doesn't work to draw from, both from my previous job and others before that.

Seemed to go really well, though, and at the end I asked "So, what happens next?"
"Well, next I'll ring B----- and have a chat"
(thought bubble) "Ah"

Should be okay, but I don't know if he knows me quite well enough - he wasn't exactly my reference.

And then I nipped down to the Bull & Gate that evening to see ginger_princess and her band, and check out the form on other big_lj_brother people. I got there before the venue opened, but met bengraham, who introduced me to darkpigeon, daniel_hill and rgl (I think!). He did it by propername first, but I forgot them all in the attempt to connect the faces with the vague webs of opinion I've seen on friends lists over the last wee while. For all that I have been known to moan about how I don't go down the pub much, it's interesting to realise that there's still some connection going on here. Mind you, I should maybe try here to be more like I am in the pub (A big moan, then? Ed.) - as it stands, the people who see me in the comment boxes probably get a better deal than you lot, who get me when I've been thinkening.

But anyway, the gig was too early, and I had to nip orf to see a girl about a flat. Specifically emsk, who some of you off The Other Internet may know. There's a spare room in her house out in Hackney, and it's cheaper than here, and I know someone there already and CRUCIALLY it has a living room so I can at least get to know the other people there and have people over and have a housewarming and so on. The reason I had to go right then is that the rest of the flatmates (including an incoming one) aren't there all the same time much, and there are more people who have to wait for the same alignment before they can see, so still no Yes/No for that.

And then back to the B&G, to demonstrate my commitment to Live Music! And because I left my hat & scarf & gloves there. And meeting kenjuggle there, and realising that holy sh!t Ken has a LiveJournal! and that it's been mouldering for a while.

Talking about it to boyofbadgers the next day (during a pub visit where I did actually lose my hat & gloves) I mentioned that it would be nice to have got a yes/no on the flat that day, because it was rent day, and so I could give my notice in as well. And then of course I put two and two together and realised that it was rent day means that I've been here for three months now, and as he pointed out, I was actually starting to settle in, which is nice.

Except that I don't know yet about the job or the flat, though I should know tomorrow. I have a backup plan for the flat (and a backup backup plan = stay here), not quite so much the job.
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