Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Jobsearch two thousand! (and six)

Decent interview this morning with a small growing company out South Kensington way, back again tomorrow. Their offices are being renovated, so when the two programmers turned up to interview me, they just said "ah well, meeting room 2", to some hilarity*. They remind me of the companies I used to work for, except with actual customers, hurray. Back again tomorrow.

And and! One of the three million agents that ring me too often is actually representing a company which would have been my ideal 10 years ago. The questions the agent were asking were all "When did you first start programming?", and "Do you program much off your own bat?" (apparently if they like your CV the 'next step' is that you send them something you've written for your own amusement!). Note in particular the non-technical requirements for application: "you are considered to be opinionated about at least one tech issue" - "you are sometimes observed to be laughing without good reason". I've put my name forward basically in the off chance of meeting them and delighting my 20-year old self that people are still doing this. I don't think I'd be really happy there now (and, er, there's probably a million examples of my actual 20-year old self out there on the market).

* Meeting room 2 = the pub.
Tags: jobsearch
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