Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Entertainment possibilities and an acknowledgement of The Day That's In It

Warning: I have just returned from a weekend lying in dead bed regretting being so cavalier about "oh yeah, that cold thing, it hasn't really affected me that much". Assuming that I feel less lightheaded after going out next and putting some food in me, my plans for this evening, if either of them tempt you, are:

6.00, go to Prince Charles Cinema, see I'm Not There, the film in which many different people play 'aspects' of Bob Dylan. This is obviously a film which if you weren't put off by the concept you've probably already seen, but myself and friend_of_tofu appear to have fallen between the cracks.

8.00 (or whenever film ends + travel time), go to The Phoenix on Cavendish Square and watch Old Rope, featuring new material from Robin Ince, Matt Kirshen, Joe Wilkinson and old material from headliner Nick Doody.

The Irish-themed material in my post is from the interview with Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair's chief of staff, in Saturday's Guardian. Ostensibly it's about the release of his new book about The Peace Process (which appears to have generated news headlines around the shocker that Politician Prepared To Talk To People), but really it's just the first (or such is the impression created) big interview with him since he left with Blair. Anyway anyway, it's by no means a tell-all, possibly because he might get the same job back when Blair become EU President, but it has a great line about how relations with Gerry Adams changed, from initially refusing to shake his hands, to when:

Adams called him at the height of the cash-for-honours investigation "to express his solidarity and ask if Tony and I would seek political status if we went to prison. He recommended that we not recognise the court."
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