Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

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It's not easy being this smart

Me: OMGOMG Clubland Live OMG! (buys ticket)

Ticket arrives! Much rejoicing.

Me: If I put this vitally important ticket in the same place as usual, I'll only pick it up by accident and leave it somewhere else in the house, and then it'll be lost.

(entry obscured)

(clocks spinning, day-to-night shots, calender pages flying off)

Me: HOORAH, it is Clubland Live tomorrow, now I'll just go get that ticket.

Exterior shot, voiceover: NOOOOOOO!!!!

The End (?)

So in short my room is now upended and still no sign of the vital piece of paper. I'll head home after work to try to find it some more, but dudes who are going: Don't wait up.
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