Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Sunday scrapbook

In a better world this would be slightly less grab-bag.

The first and most important matter is that we're looking for a new flatmate, as shermarama is going to finally follow her university department from Mile End to nearish Euston. We will all miss her, partly because it means I am now The Old Duffer in the flat. Herein follows the description of the flat, as shamelessly filched from one of my flatmates. If you know of anyone who might be interested, let me know:

  • It's a large Victorian house within 5 minutes walk from Mile End Tube, which is in Zone 2 and has not one but three tube lines to choose from. Also there are lots of lovely buses that can take you all over the place and late too!

  • We are also just 3 minutes walk from Mile End Park, with it's Canal, Leisure Centre (with Swimming Pool), climbing wall and the best pub in London - The Palm Tree. A further 10 minute leisurely walk will bring you out in Victoria Park.

  • The City and Canary Wharf are really not far and the neighbourhood is safe, I have not felt threatened once in the 6 months I have lived here. [Note: this is from quite a small lady, and so obviously is more impressive than from me. I am not scared of areas much, because I am Not Very Bright in these matters]

  • We have all the exciting things that houseshares should have, Freeview, Wireless Broadband, Washing Machine, Dryer, Kettle, Mugs, Lovely housemates. We even have outside space which we use for Bikes and the next door neighbour makes it look nice with plants

  • The rent will be between £455-£485 without bills, which room will be empty has yet to be decided.

Otherwise I have generally been okay. Time management needs improvement (he said, in work at 11 on a Sunday) and I may revert to certain mystic techniques taught me by wwhyte regarding rerouting certain IP addresses during work hours.

  • I found a bus-stop that's wrong! Like, the map clearly says "You are here" when it obviously isn't. In a way I'm impressed that it's only happened once in two years.
  • I'm slightly eye-rolling that livejournal has decided that the last update to news should think it's a good idea to advertise that you can buy imaginary gift for Easter/St Patrick's Day, and that there is a new icon for filtered posts, but not that they have actually done something about the 50-post limit: now you (if you is a paid user) should be able to see an "Expand" link next to where large threads get all crumpled up.
  • Great headline concatenation over the weekend: "NOW WILLS IS OFF TO FIGHT" - "THE BOY WHO WOULD NOT DIE"!
  • Changing buses at Archway yesterday, I nipped into a newsagent, and as I was paying noticed on the counter a magazine, mostly obscured by some other display on top of it. All I could see was the corner, where below the edge of a picture it read "JEHOVAH SHARP! SHARP!" Needless to say I have been a haunted man since.
  • Right that's long enough for this bit.
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