Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist


I watched considerable amounts of Lost, almost through the DVD set of the first half (so I can relax until the second half is released... today). Two non-spoilery thoughts:

. Locke's flat, blank pronouncements remind me of the standard wise American Indian character, particularly Albert Hosteen in the X-Files' end-of-season-2-beginning-of-season-3 action pack. And how odd is it that they trundled on for 8 more years after that?

. I can't really look at footage of Charlie's band DriveShaft without thinking of Love Fist, the drunken Scottish rockband from GTA Vice City.

In other news, I appear to have signed up for big_lj_brother, the wisdom of which act will no doubt become clear soon, one way or the other.
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