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Even when I'm not cyling, I've been showering in work (standing on tiled floor, like communal showers - though there's only one, whew!) instead of at home (standard over-a-bath business, sundry gels an ting clustered around the edges) during the week for a while now. There's lots of reasons, but one of them I think is that I get a little worried in the home shower - not that I'll be assaulted by knife-wielding lunatics, but that I'll slip and fall into the curtain and take it with me, all senses useless except for the sensation of falling.




XTC there, with Dear God. I should probably get more-by-which-I-mean-some XTC, shouldn't I? I also get the impression that Luke Haines has seen this video more than once.

For some reason, possibly just the guitar at the start, I'm struck by the idea of Johnny Cash covering that. Here's him and his favourite song (from which my journal title comes)

Pretty good and all, but really, his material can be divided into those with muppets in it and all the rest:

Finally, Doomsday: When Mr trailer voice man says "an epidemic unlike any other", does he mean "like about all the others"?
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