Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist


So I went out yesterday to catsgomiaow's gig, and it was great fun. Though they had a quality mentalist in attendance, as mentioned in her post. The first sign that this gentleman was 'a character' was while they were soundchecking, he came up to the balcony that surrounds The Pit, and started waving at them. Not too unusual, I thought, then noticed that around his non-waving wrist he had wrapped not just a wooden rosary, but also one of those plastic glow-in-the-dark ones. "Wahey, nutter!" I thought.

It was great to meet ultraruby and bengraham. The former is a lj-pal with leedy, one of my friends from The Old Country, and we talked about that for a bit, she couldn't really remember on which site she would have seen leedy's name on. So when I came back, I was feeling curious and anti-sleepy, and so I went playing about with my find of yesterday: Livejournal Connect!

And I found out that ultraruby knows mzdt, who I sort of know, and that herself and leedy have in common jinxremoving, who I don't actually know, but that didn't stop me and a friend at some point trying to convince my friend Conrad to start using OkCupid so he could meet her, because if there's a smart lefty activist girl in Edinburgh, then studies show she needs to meet Conrad. (I'm guessing she was the one we were trying to cyber pimp - it seems reasonable to assume that there is an upper limit to the number of smart lefty activist girls called Nine in Edinburgh, and that the limit is 1).

And and! jinxremoving has a zine called "If destroyed, still true", which I would have assumed is some geek programming term, except there's a weblog of the same name by a guy (who writes well, but mostly about Xmen comics) in Edinburgh. So I investigated this odd phrase, and found out that it's both a shower of emo fvckers somewhere, and The best idea ever in the history of anything ever
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