Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist


Apart from my fortnightly roundups of what's on in the Prince Charles (incidentally, Planet Terror is fvckin' top!), there are films that I'd definitely like to see while they're in the big cinemas, because I do enjoy cinema as popular culture, the whole "have you seen it yet?" buzz. So, who's on for:

No Country For Old Men: On all over the place. 6.30 Odeon Covent Garden for a tenner, 7.30 West End Vue for £13
Sweeney Todd: Opening this weekend
Cloverfield: (JJ Abrams's Godzilla movie) opening Friday week (February 1st)
Juno: opening February 8th
There Will Be Blood: opening February 15th

I meant to do this tonight anyway (ask therealjo!), but as it happens, four of these are now Oscar-Nominated, for what it's worth (Cloverfield, not so much. Planet Terror neither).
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